Updated 24.05.2022 - please note that scheduled works may not occur on time, please check the complete road works map. Public events may not happen in these times.

B1022 Maldon Road Great Totham  18 - 31 May 2022

Traffic control near School Road, Gigaclear. See

B1026 Colchester Road Salcott  23 - 25 May 2022

Traffic control towards Gt. Wigborough, ECC patching for London Bike Ride. See

B1022 The Street Heybridge 26 May 2022

Traffic control just over the river. ECC maintenance See

B1023 Church Road / Station Road / Chapel Road / Factoy Hill junction and roads on the cycle ride route 27 May 2022

Rolling road closure for cycle ride. Closure expected to be for 15 minutes between 11:45 and 12:45 for the outbound route from Smythe's Green via Chapel Road to Tolleshunt D'Arcy, and then between 12:40 and 13:40 for the inbound route from Smythe's Green via Chapel Road to Great Braxted. Note the closures will also affect Newbridge Road  on the outbound route and Station Road / Maldon Road / West End Road / Grange Road / Tiptree Road on the inbound route. See 

B1022 Broad Street Green Road 6 - 18 June 2022

Traffic control north of BSG habitation, Gas Transportation Co Ltd. See

Hall Road 8 June 2022

Road closure, Cadent. See

B1022 Maldon Road Heckford Bridge 8 - 11 June 2022

Traffic control near Warren Lane, ECC signage. See

B1022 Maldon Road 20 - 24 June 2022

Traffic control near The Offie, ECC footway patching. See

Braxted Park Road 21 - 23 June 2022

Road closure between Tiptree Road and Sexton Lane, ECC patching and gully. See

Chapel Road 27 - 30 June 2022

Road closure near Bird Lane, ECC footway patching. See

B1022 Colchester Road  25 July 2022 All day / Overnight?

Road closure with diversion via Messing, UK Powernetworks. See

B1022 Maldon Road 8 -9 August 2022 20:00 - 05:00

Road closure between Loamy Hill Road and Braxted Park Road, ECC resurfacing. See

Braxted Park Road 16 August 2022 09:30 - 15:30

Road closure near Great Braxted Hall entrance, Openreach awaiting approval. See

B1023 Kelvedon Road 16 - 20 August 2022

Traffic control near Perrywoods. ECC carriagway repair See

It is advisable to check proposed road works as they may be re-scheduled. See the complete road works map.