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Our exchange of 2010-11 photos

We have now completed our exchange for 2014-15. A new exchange for 2017-2018 was put on hold until we have more clarity about Brexit and associated new costs.

Another development is an international photographic competition which selects 24 photos, organised by the organisation Aeneis 2000 of the neighbouring town of San Vito dei Normanni. The competition, organised by the artistic cultural association devoted to the bicycle and its relationship to mankind, is in its ninth year (2019-2020), after the rules in English had spread out from Tiptree. The fifth competition exhibition was in Colchester (February & March 2017), there were two British based winners, one of whom is associated with Colchester.

Photographs for the competition may be submitted electronically by email or by mailed CD. Information about the next competition in 2021 will be displayed, meanwhile you can view past rules, they don't change a lot from year to year.

Download The 2019 competition rules

Curated by the Italian Cultural Association, Aeneis Duemila, artistic director, Vincenzo De Leonardis, this exhibition has been brought to Colchester by Tiptree Twinning Association and prepared in collaboration with Sue Allen-Shepherd, Chris Farndell and Chris Clarke.

Postphoned: Following our successful student exchanges in 2010-11, 2012-13 and 2014-15, Tiptree Twinning Association are setting up a further youth exchange with San Michele Salentino, Italy to run in 2017. The town, a similar size to Tiptree, is in the South of the country and is surrounded by olive and fig trees, and clear blue seas. Our close ties have developed over the last 7 years since our two towns were twinned. This trip is open to students from Tiptree and District.

The aims of the exchange are to give students the opportunity to experience Italian culture, develop an understanding of the Italian lifestyle, establish friendships and hopefully learn a little language. Physical activities and sport will be a focus of the exchange, with a wide variety of activities already planned in Italy. These could include snorkelling/ beach activities; recreational sport with the Italian children; sightseeing tours around the area, including a Safari Park and Theme Park; making, cooking and sampling pizza and pasta.

The Italian students are very keen to learn and use the English language. They might spend time in a school to gain experience in their vocabulary. They would like to play recreational sport, try rock-climbing, trampolining, visit our seaside and have a day trip to London.

The Italian students are most likely to visit our shores in late July 2017 possibly just before school breaks up for the summer so that they might get some school experience followed by several days of pure holiday making up a trip of around one week. We shall make the return trip of around one week most likely in late August 2017 possibly to coincide with their fig festival, which occurs on a weekend, ensuring we return in time for the start of term in September. The cost of the exchange is going to be in the range £700-£750, which will include flights, insurance, transport and activities mentioned above in England and Italy. Before we go to Italy, there will be the chance to learn a little Italian.

Places are very limited, as we would like to keep the exchange personal, and try to match children like for like. There will be an opportunity to correspond with your exchange student before meeting through email, letter writing, Facebook and other forms of modern communication. Young people who are in years 8 and 9 now (July 2016) will be eligible for the exchange, which will mean that they are around 13-15 years of age when we go to Italy (2017).

Youth Exchange 2010-11

Teenagers in Clacton 2010

Thoughts of summer in San Michele Salentino

The blue of the sea that shimmers in the distance, oily in the heat, but clear and refreshing on the beaches.

The rich red-brown of the land.

The grey-green of the endless olive trees.

The sound of the Cicadas that reverberates, filling the empty box of the night.

The calls of the birds in the reeds.

Tasty picnics in the shade.

The aroma of the melting pasta and the pizza with the juxtaposition of the crunch and the unctuousness in the mouth

The refreshing watermelon.

The bouquet and robustness of the red wine.

The water that made my skin feel so soft

The baking heat of the sun.

The coolness of the grotto.

The swallows swirling around my head in the pool of our wonderful villa

The young sparrow trying to hop on the top step of the pool to get a drink.

The cloaking velvet darkness of the nights spent out in the country.

The lights at the festival of San Vito and the groaning tables of nuts, fruit and olives.

Dancing in the square and enjoying a drink with friends.

But most of all the kind generosity of all the families and people who made us most welcome.

Teenagers in San Michele Salentino 2011

Pensieri d’estate a San Michele Salentino

L’azzurrodelmare che scintilla nella distanza, oleoso nel calore, ma limpido e rinfrescante alla spiaggia.

La terra di colore castano rosso.

Il verde grigio degli oliveti infiniti.

Il suono delle cicale che riverbera e riempe la scatola vuota della notte.

I versi degli uccelli nelle canne.

I picnic saporosi nell’ombra.

L’aroma della pasta che si scioglie in bocca e la pizza con la giustapposizione dello sgranocchiare e dell’untuosità.

L’anguria rinfrescante.

Il profumo e la robustezzadelvino rosso.

L’acqua che fa la pelle così morbida.

La cottura al sole .

La frescura della grotta.

Le rondini che mulinano attorno alla testa nella piscina della nostra villa meravigliosa.

Il passero giovane che tentava saltare sulla scala superiore della piscina allo scopo di darsi al bere.

Il buio ammantante e vellutato delle sere passate nella campagna.

Le luci alla festa di San. Vito e le bancarelle stracariche di noci, frutti ed olive.

La danza nella piazza e godere una bevanda con amici.

Soprattuto la generosità gentile di tutte le famiglie e la gente chi ci ha fatti sentire a casa.