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Learn, Laugh, Live!

Retired, semi-retired, wanting to do things you may have always wanted to try or do more of, but previously did not have the time or opportunity to indulge? Welcome to Tiptree u3a.

What is Tiptree u3a?

Tiptree u3a is a registered charity, one of over 1,000 u3a groups in the country spread throughout cities, towns and villages. Nationally there are over 350,000 members and is for people who are either not in full-time employment or are retired or semi-retired.

Tiptree u3a is an enjoyable way of bringing people together for learning, fitness, leisure, and fun, whilst enjoying the camaraderie and friendship of other similar minded people.

In addition to offering new interests and learning opportunities, the u3a can provide mutual support and companionship which many members value greatly.

Members share their knowledge and experience and learn together, deciding for themselves what groups or events they want to attend. Why not come along and try something new!