The parade will be leaving Grove Road recreation ground on Sunday 16th at 10.15am. We have six beautiful horses, pulling the carriage of Henry Marney’s effigy. The horses will be dressed in drapes with our specially commissioned 500 year logo. 


The route goes along Church Road, down Factory Hill and turns left towards Tolleshunt Knights, ideal opportunity for residents in Brook Road to witness the procession as it passes in front of their house!. A short way up the hill the route turns off the road and takes the track, through two farms to Layer Marney Tower.

Anyone wishing the line the route will be most welcome. If you would like to see the parade arrive at Layer Marney Tower and greet the horses on their arrival, please arrive before midday,  lots going on to entertain you at the Tudor Fair. Doors open 11am to 5pm.

We have arranged for a rolling road closure through Tiptree at 10.15am. Anyone in vehicles, please be patient and enjoy the parade!

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